Women's Resource
Centre Armenia

About us

Women's Resource Centre Armenia was founded in 2003. WRC is the first resource centre created in the post-soviet Armenia for young women. WRC is working in the area of women's human right, women's social and political empowerment, reproductive and sexual rights, sexual violence and women's role in the conflict resolution and peace building.
WRC's main goal is to give women the necessary tools and empower them to become active citizens of the Armenian community, through education and support.
Our Centre's model is based on the democratic participatory structure, run and governed by women only. Volunteerism and participation is the essential part of the on-going functioning of the centre's activities.
Our activities aim

WRC is a friendly space for women and young girls with special needs and among out trainees and beneficiaries we have women with different physical disabilities. WRC is the first NGO addressing the issue of sexual violence in Armenia against women and establishing a volunteer based hotline and crisis centre since 2007 with a referral mechanism in several provinces of Armenia. The organization is very active in the region of South Caucasus and addresses the needs of women and girls in refugee communities from Azerbaijan, Iraq and Syria.
A broad experience in

1 / Developing sexual assault focal crisis centres in the regional cities to make it more accessible and better prepared to respond to the growing numbers of cases in the small cities and the rural areas.
2 / Networking and coalition building both on regional and national level to promote women's leadership, involvement of women in political processes and peace building.
3 / Implementing large scale awareness raising campaigns.
4 / Advocacy and lobbying experience, 5) Working in partnership with governmental institutions. With WRC efforts the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia concerning crimes against sexual integrity and sexual freedom were revised in 2014.
Our results

In 2017 WRC managed re-granting project "Capacity development of gender subgroups of the National Platforms of Armenia, Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine" of EaP CSF.
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