CSO Vesta

About us

CSO Vesta is a non-governmental, non-political, women-led organization designed to provide gender equality, develop civic society and local communities in the south of Moldova by conducting relevant activities.
Vesta goals

- Improvement of women's status in the public, economic and cultural fields of life.
- Assisting families with many children, to needy people.
- Providing advocacy to infrastructural, economic, social and cultural development of Gagauzian territorial communities.
- Contributing to the democratic changes in the region of Gagauzia through social integration of women and young people.
- Providing advocacy on transparency of local and regional authorities.
- Providing advocacy to prevent domestic violence against women.
Vesta target group

Women, youth, local CSOs, institutions, public authorities
Vesta achieves its mission through

Trainings, including tailor-made / Monitoring and evaluating campaigns in close co-operation with mass-media / Information and advocacy campaigns in close co-operation with mass-media / Workshops, webinars / Sociological surveys and journalist researching;
Coaching, mentoring / Discussion platforms, panels (conferences, round tables, focus-groups meetings, blog charts, etc.) / Legal and psychological consultations for victims and potential victims of domestic violence
Country profile